[09-24-2023] Imperial County, CA – At Least One Injured Following Multi-Vehicle DUI Collision in El Centro

Published September 26, 2023

[09-24-2023] At Least One Injured Following Multi-Vehicle DUI Collision in El CentroAt least one person was injured following a multi-vehicle DUI crash in El Centro on Sunday night, September 24, 2023.

Authorities and emergency teams responded to the collision around 7:00 p.m. along Danenberg and Dogwood Roads.

Upon the arrival of responders, they found five vehicles involved. One person was immediately transported to the El Centro Regional Medical Center to be treated for unspecified injuries.

Officers also apprehended a 68-year-old man after initial investigation revealed that he had been drinking before the incident.

After a blood test, the results of the elderly man revealed that his blood alcohol content is three times the legal limit. He was charged with DUI and was booked into Imperial County Jail.

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What Should You Do After a DUI Accident?

Collisions caused by drunk drivers frequently result in physical harm, as well as psychological and financial issues. After the accident, you must exercise extra caution to protect yourself and your loved ones. This checklist will help you handle its aftermath:

  • Prioritize your safety: Check yourself for injuries and the condition of the other people involved.
  • Inform the police about the crash: A police investigation will be conducted to determine whether the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, which would be vital to your claim.
  • Gather evidence: Get essential details such as the driver’s name, contact details, license plate number, and insurance information, as well as witnesses’ information. Take pictures of the accident scene, including the damaged vehicles and the victims’ injuries.
  • Report the accident to your insurance company: Provide them with the necessary information, and avoid exaggerating the details of the accident.
  • Retain legal assistance: Please speak with our DUI accident lawyers. They’ll defend your rights and ensure you get the maximum compensation possible.


DUI Accident Statistics

In 2021, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that drunk-driving crashes killed about 37 Americans every day, one every 39 minutes; drunk drivers are involved in 31% of all traffic-related deaths nationwide, with 13,384 deaths, up 14% from 2020. Since 2012, drunk driving deaths have averaged 10,850 per year.

NHTSA stated that California recorded 1,370 alcohol-impaired-driving deaths in 2021, 32% of the 4,285 traffic-related deaths (roughly the same as the nationwide percentage of 31%). This is a 16% increase from 2020’s 1,180 recorded fatalities (30% of the 3,980 traffic-related deaths).

A BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) of 0.08% or higher if you’re over 21, and 0.01% or higher if you’re under 21, or at any age if you’re on DUI probation, is illegal.

In 2020, the California Office of Traffic Safety reported that Los Angeles County ranks 6th in the entire state for having the most number of victims killed and injured in DUI crashes, with 6,067 deaths and injuries out of 65,377 total (second statewide). 2,014 were between the ages of 21 to 34, while 262 were under 21.