[09-16-2023] Butte County, CA – Possible Injuries Reported After Crash Involving Amazon Delivery Truck and Motorcycle in Cohasset

Published September 18, 2023

[09-16-2023] Possible Injuries Reported After Crash Involving Amazon Delivery Truck and Motorcycle in CohassetPossible injuries were reported following a collision between an Amazon delivery truck and a motorcycle on Cohasset in Butte County on Saturday afternoon, September 16, 2023.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the collision occurred on Cohasset Road, between Hogan Road and McLaughlin Way, around 2:00 p.m.

Local emergency services swiftly responded, including the CHP, Cal Fire, and an ambulance. The details regarding the crash’s circumstances and the current status of both drivers remain undisclosed.

No further details were released, and anyone with information regarding the crash should contact the authorities immediately.

The investigation is ongoing.

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Motorcycle crashes often result in physical, emotional, and financial challenges for those affected, encompassing medical expenses and income loss. Recognizing the financial implications of such accidents is vital.

If you or a loved one has experienced injuries or suffered losses in a motorcycle accident, there may be avenues to seek compensation. Experienced attorneys with expertise in motorcycle accidents thoroughly assess each case and tirelessly pursue equitable settlements for their clients by pursuing legal remedies through the civil court system in the relevant state.

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Nine Steps Handling the Aftermath of a Motorcycle Crash

Motorcycle accidents can be distressing and unsettling. Riders injured or experiencing property damage should promptly seek legal guidance to protect their rights. To safeguard your interests, follow these essential steps:

  • Keep calm, and do not admit fault.
  • Check your body for injuries. Examine the condition of the other individuals involved.
  • You should wait on the side of the road or in a safe place until the authorities arrive.
  • Do not try to resolve the conflict with the other driver. Inform the police of the collision and request a copy of the official report.
  • Gather information such as the other driver’s name and insurance provider.
  • Take pictures of everything you think is essential, including the scene, the road, your injuries, the other car, and your motorcycle.
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Keep a file with all accident-related paperwork and information.
  • Discuss your accident with an experienced California motorcycle accident lawyer.


Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Motorcycle accidents constituted a substantial portion of traffic-related deaths in 2021, accounting for 14% of all traffic fatalities and 17% of occupant fatalities. Additionally, they contributed to 3% of occupant injuries.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics, the United States recorded over 5,500 reported motorcycle fatalities in 2020 alone. Moreover, more than 180,000 motorcycle accidents resulted in injuries that necessitated treatment in emergency departments.

Between 2020 and 2021, there was an 8% increase in motorcycle-related fatalities. Over the past decade, motorcycle fatalities have shown a 19% rise, with the death rate increasing by 29%. This translates to a fatality rate 5,932, or roughly 30.05 deaths for every 100 million vehicle miles traveled.

In 2020, California boasted approximately 785,000 registered motorcycles, making it one of the two states with the highest motorcycle fatality rates. With an average of around 500 motorcycle fatalities annually, the impact of motorcycle accidents on the state has been profound.