[08-27-2023] Tuolumne County, CA – One Injured Following DUI Hit-and-Run Collision in Sonora

Published September 8, 2023

[08-27-2023] One Injured Following DUI Hit-and-Run Collision in SonoraA passenger was hurt following a collision in Sonora, with the drunk driver attempting to flee the scene on Sunday, August 27, 2023.

The Sonora Police Department responded to a collision at the intersection of Mono Way and Greenley Road. Reports were given to authorities that the suspect in a silver Ford Mustang attempted to flee the scene.

The suspect was identified as 40-year-old Laurie Anne R. and was reported to have exhibited signs and symptoms of being under the influence during her initial stop.

According to official reports, the passenger of the involved vehicle complained of back pains after the collision. However, whether the victim was rushed to the hospital was not indicated.

Laurie Anne R. was arrested for hit-and-run with injury, DUI, and possession of paraphernalia. She is placed on a $25,000 bail.

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7 Steps to Take After A DUI Accident

Another driver’s recklessness can cause severe damage and affect the lives of others permanently. Being a victim of a DUI-caused accident is a tragedy that could have been avoided by the other party being responsible. If you or someone you know is involved in such an accident, the following steps may be helpful.

  1. Prioritize Yourself: Prioritize getting immediate medical attention and contact the authorities if you are directly involved in the accident.
  2. Work With a California Drunk Driving Accident Victim Lawyer: Work with an experienced DUI accident lawyer to help you navigate the legal process and ensure you receive fair compensation.
  3. Do Not Admit or Accept Fault: Refrain from admitting or stating anything about the accident that can harm your case, as this may affect your ability to receive compensation.
  4. Avoid Making Statements: Avoid making unnecessary statements about the incident without consulting an attorney. These statements could be used against you in legal proceedings.
  5. Do Not Settle: Avoid settling negotiations directly with the perpetrator, which could result in lower compensation. It’s essential to clearly understand the extent of the damages before considering any settlement offers through a legal team.
  6. Never Sign Without Consulting: Only sign documents with an attorney present or after consulting one to protect you and your rights.
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DUI Accident Statistics

Driving under the influence of any substance—including authorized prescription pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs, and marijuana—is unlawful and carries severe financial and legal repercussions. The accompanying costs for first-time offenders might be as high as $10,000; in California, an infraction is projected to cost around $13,500.

A 2021 study by the California Department of Motor Vehicles shows an average of 455 DUI arrests for every 100,000 drivers in 2019. Totaling 124121 arrests for that year alone. With 27,333 alcohol-related crashes and 2,998 drug-related crashes.

California’s Office of Traffic Safety is actively working with other partners to raise awareness about the risks associated with drugged driving to reduce injuries and deaths on the state’s roads.