[04-28-2024] Riverside County, CA – Motorcyclist Killed, Driver Injured Following Motorcycle Vs. Vehicle Collision in Palm Springs

Published April 29, 2024

[04-28-2024] Motorcyclist Killed, Driver Injured Following Motorcycle Vs. Vehicle Collision in Palm SpringsA motorcyclist was killed, while a driver was injured following a motorcycle vs. vehicle collision in Palm Springs on Sunday night, April 28, 2024.

According to the Palm Springs Police Department, the fatal incident occurred at around 8:00 p.m. on the North Gene Autry Trail and East Via Escuela intersection.

The motorcyclist, a 31-year-old Auburn local, was reportedly heading north on Gene Autry Trail when it crashed into a vehicle that was traveling in the opposite direction and was turning left onto Via Escuela.

The rider died as a result of the crash. Meanwhile, the driver, later identified as a 64-year-old Rancho Mirage resident, remained at the scene and was transported to a nearby hospital with moderate injuries.

It is still unclear what caused the accident, but investigators have since confirmed that drugs or alcohol were not involved in it.

No further details were immediately available. Anyone with information that could help the ongoing investigations is encouraged to contact the police as soon as they can.

Don’t Know What To Do After An Accident?

Your safety and rights depend on what you do next after an accident. Remember the following steps if you find yourself in one:

  • Check yourself for any injuries.
  • Stay on the scene, call 9-1-1, and wait for emergency responders.
  • Move your vehicle to the road shoulder if safe; turn on hazard lights.
  • Fully cooperate with law enforcement and stay until cleared to leave.
  • Document the scene and injuries with photos and videos.
  • Seek immediate medical attention.
  • Contact your insurance company and find a personal injury lawyer for legal advice.

What A Lawyer Can Do For You

Many victims put off calling a lawyer even if they sustain injuries after an accident. However, lawyers can help you in many ways. They can provide you with police reports, CCTV footage, and witness statements to strengthen your case. Your attorney will also negotiate with insurance companies to get you fair compensation. The best part is that they will do all of these things for you at no upfront cost. So if you’re injured in an accident, hire a personal injury attorney to recover medical bills, car repair costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.